NSF certification for Oceano filters

NSF certification for Oceano filters

NSF certification

Water Line has obtained today NSF certification for the Oceano filter range.


NSF, an independent global organization, is one of the most authoritative and respected testing companies in the world and issues certifications that set a true standard in the evaluation of products involved in food, water and environmental processes.


The NSF/ANSI 42 – Drinking Water Treatment Units certification concerns the following filters, in sizes Small, Medium and Large:

ON 34

ON 35

ON 36

ON 15

ON 16

ON 18

ON 25

ON 27


The same NSF/ANSI 42 certification has also been obtained for the OKT1500 and OKT1000 heads.


Three of our complete filters (cartridge + filter) have passed even more stringent tests, obtaining further certification relating to filtration efficiency performance – Particulate Class I, II Reduction – and durability and chlorine reduction, Chlorine reduction and Minimum flow nominal.


The complete filters that have satisfied these parameters are:

OKT1500+ON34 in all sizes; SMALL MEDIUM LARGE

OKT1500+ON35 in all sizes SMALL-MEDIUM-LARGE

OKT1500+ON36 in all SMALL-MEDIUM-LARGE sizes


The certifications obtained testify to Water Line’s will to continue developing the Oceano filter line, but above all they highlight the company’s sensitivity towards the quality, safety and reputation of its products with retailers and final consumers.